Mixed media on 300 GSM paper measuring at approximately 30 x 40 CM | 11’ x 15’. Entire artwork -including the frame-measures at 42 x 52 CM | 16’ x 20’

One of the pieces shown earlier this year during the “SOURCE” exhibit, depicting what could be seen as a part of a bigger wall, weathered by time and covered in endless tags, throw-ups and try-outs.
This used to be a part of a much bigger piece of paper that was with me in each of my studios from the very beginning and though it was officially presented this year and signed as a 2019 artwork, it has actually been around for about almost 8 years now. I used it for each and every purpose of technique, effect, color-check, texture, you name it, it’s all up in here.

Because of its history alongside each of my artistic endeavours, this piece holds a special place in my heart and I’d hate to have to part with it without sharing you my story and connection with it.

Whomever -and if- anyone decides to buy this piece, you’re not only investing in art, you’ll be given a piece of my own humble beginnings and a collection of various moments from within the brief history of my artistic career so far.

Artwork is being sold framed, as shown in photo.
Please visit my Instagram profile for more close up captures of the artwork : @smoljandavor

Peace & Blessings, D.